45th Brazilian Congress of Clinical Analysis

Registration for the congress, course or escort must be made through our virtual store, on the official website of the event www.cbac.org.br, until 31/5/2018 or, after that date, personally in the place of the event – SulAmérica Convention Center – Rio de Janeiro – RJ, from 8:00 am on June 17, 2018.

Payment methods:


  • Bank slip – Cash
  • Credit Card – Cash or installment


  • Cash
  • Check in sight
  • Credit card – cash and installment

The participant who is not yet a member of the SBAC and wishes to join in the act of registering with the CBAC may do so by filling out the form, attaching the requested documents and adding to the Congress total the single fee for membership and the annuity / 2018. This final amount can be paid in up to 10x without interest, on the credit card;

  • The SBAC member who is not current with their annuity (s) and wishes to enroll in the 45th CBAC as a member, will have the previous annuity (s) 2018 amissed – provided that it does not own the TEAC, and its value (R $ 312.00) must be added to the total value of the CBAC registration and may be paid up to 10 times without interest, on the credit card;
  • The registration made in the categories “undergraduate academic”, “graduate academic” or “laboratory technician” must have the proof made by sending the respective document, to the email secretaria@lk.com.br until the on 05/31/2018, or if it is not sent by then, with the obligatory presentation in the withdrawal of your material, at the venue of the event. In case of non-presentation, payment of the category difference must be made;
  • Registration as a “Visitor” will only allow access to the exhibition area of ​​the stands. Visitors’ access to conferences, round tables, meetings with the specialist, courses, seminars or interactive sessions will not be allowed, although they wish to pay the respective activity;
  • For enrollment in course (s), seminar (s) of slides, meetings with the specialist and mini-courses the participant must request its registration for the Congress;
  • After registration, there will be no exchange of the selected activity (s) – course (s) and / or slide seminar (s) and / or Meeting with the Specialist;
  • he registration of accompanying person (s) must be requested by a participant registered in the Congress (does not apply to enrolled in the Visitors category);
  • Signing up as an escort does not allow access to any scientific activity. It only allows access to social activities and the scientific exhibition area (booths);
  • All registrations of participants (congressmen and accompanying persons) will be entitled to participate in all social activities offered by the event;
  • In case of withdrawal, the participant must formalize the request, by fax or e-mail and the following conditions will be observed:
  • for applications submitted by 5/31/2018 will be reimbursed 50% of the amount paid for registration in the Congress and / or companion. We remind you that there is no refund for enrollment in courses and seminars of slides;
  • after 31/5/2018 there will be no refund of amounts paid; and
    all returns will be made within 15 business days after the end of the Congress.

For more details go to: http://www.sbac.org.br/cbac/

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